Tuesday, April 26, 2016

"Conversations at my home"

Few days back I brought up the topic of having a fourth baby and this is how it went: 
Me: I love babies, I want to have a fourth one.
Ajay:  I already have four,you are like my fourth child, I am good
Mansi: That would be kind of embarrassing mom, don't
Arjun: If we have to stay with three let us give Armaan up for adoption and get a new baby
Me: No Arjun don't be mean, I do not want another baby
Arjun: I know you want a puppy, let us trade Armaan for a cute little puppy. 
Armaan in tears, mental note to myself , I am never bringing this up again!

Me to my husband : mothers day aa raha hai, aap mere liye kya khareed rahen hain? (Mother's day is approaching, what are you buying for me?)
Ajay : tumhare liye? Kyon? tum meri mummy ho kya? ( For you? Why? Are you my mom?)

Me to husband " I am stressed out, can you do something nice for me "
He asked "What do you want ?"
Me:"Take me furniture shopping, I want to buy some cane furniture, there will be discounts today too"
He : "No, I cannot do that"
Me :"Why not?"
He "Because then, I will get stressed out"

We subscribed to some Hindi channels after a long time, am loving the bollywood songs, movies, (my 2 boys got all teary eyed after watching some emotional scene in one of the soaps on zee and they like Indian master chef) What got to me was that even after all these years we still have a ponds white beauty range of products with a facewash that makes you fairer ( is that even possible?) and of course in America you have a whole range of tanning sprays etc as nobody wants to look too pale.
Mansi said to me " Mom, why is it that all the Bollywood heroines are so fair when majority of the Indian women are not that pale. Even the mannequins in the shops in India do not look like Indians."

Arjun asked me "Mom do you know what idk means" and feeling happy that for once I did have an answer I said "I don't know" and we both burst out laughing.

Yesterday Mansi said that when she grows up she wants to marry someone like her dad and I kidded with her that she can do a lot better than him. Armaan suddenly piped in and said "Mom I will be happy if I find someone even 80 percent like you " Awwww how cute is he. Also, once there was this abbreviation on some show MAM for most annoying mom and Armaan said that for me it would mean Most awesome mom.  I also remember few years back I told him that when he grows up his wife will not like it if he is writing poems for mom and he told me without batting an eyelid that he will send me cards in secret from her , lol

Mansi told me this morning that Norway and Sweden are countries where people are the happiest and that is because they are the least religious countries of Europe, religion is not shoved in your face there and most people regard religion with benign indifference. Every morning when I drop her to school she showers me with some pearls of wisdom, at home she is too busy to talk to me, she is such an avid reader, now she wants me to read Darwin's theory of evolution which I do not believe in but she does.

I love Arjun. He is wise beyond his years. I just yelled at him about him not cleaning up a mess he made and then remembered he is leaving for Kentucky for five days tomorrow. So immediately After yelling I gave him a big squishy hug and kiss and told him I was sorry I yelled. He is so calm and so wise, he told me " Mom, listen to me, dont appologise after you yell, it negates the whole purpose." # I love this boy

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